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Body Fat Measuring Caliper by Accu-Measure

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product description:

 Measure your body fat accurately with Accu-Measure Body Fat Caliper. It is the skinfold body fat calculator used to measure the folded skin for giving estimated body fat percentage. Experts prefer it over digital body fat caliper because it can give more accurate estimation in various parts of the body. We feature the USA imported Body Fat measuring caliper at the best price to let you buy it through Amazon body fat caliper online shopping in Pakistan.

  • Accu-Measure body fat caliper is made with a premium quality thermoplastic polymer having great durability
  • It has two measuring scales, i.e., inch and millimeter. 
  • It also has a ball-in-socket feature that indicates how much skin pinching is required for correct fat measurement. 
  • You can easily read the caliper and calculate the fat percentage with the help of a body fat measurement chart. 
  • It is perfect for Tricep, chest, abdominal, arms, thighs, and subscapular fat measurement. 
How to Use:
  • Make a skinfold on any body part, pinch it with a body fat tester until it produces a click sound, read the reading, and calculate the percentage easily. 
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