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Import Products from USA (eBay and Amazon etc) in Pakistan

You want to import world best quality product for you, but you don't know how you ship it at your doorstep? You often think of online shopping from Amazon, EBay, and other world's leading online shopping site but you are afraid of payment method, and your money goes somewhere else. If you are in the same anxiety, then we are the best solution for you. You can do Online shopping from World leading website through us and provide us the chance to serve you through our quick services within 3-4 weeks.

1- Does Amazon ship in Pakistan?

Many of your will be thinking about Amazon shopping in Pakistan and don't know if Amazon ship in Pakistan or not. Well, the answer to your question is No! Amazon does not directly ship to Pakistan and there are only 4% products of Amazon that you can get at your doorstep in Pakistan. There is no straight delivery procedure from Amazon in Pakistan. But, you can get Amazon products in Pakistan at our online store.

2- Is Amazon coming to Pakistan?

Amazon coming to Pakistan is not likely to happen till now. Only way of getting Amazon products in Pakistan is that you come to us and tell us which products you want to buy from Amazon or other international shopping websites in Pakistan.

3- How can I buy from Amazon in Pakistan?

We can do online shopping from Amazon and other leading international shopping websites for you. Amazon imported only 4% products in Pakistan and rest of the products it only ship in USA and many of the listed countries in the world other than Pakistan. Our company setup in America is responsible for getting Amazon products and shipping that to Pakistan. We will order your required products at Amazon and ship them to Pakistan with the help of our USA office by protected process.

4- Is it Safe Amazon Shopping Pakistan?

Yes it is. All the cross border transactions are subjected to custom/duty in order to reach the country before the recipient of the transaction. It involve many authorities and sometimes the procedure becomes complex. Shoppingbag.pk takes a step for the people to have happy shopping around the world. We ensure that the company laid their original invoice and packing list so that it clears more rapidly and you get your parcel as soon as possible.

5- What about Amazon Products?

Amazon has the widest collection of products 4% of that it only ship to Pakistan that you can get with some international address and duty with a complex procedure. We are facilitating you in this regard to provide majority of Amazon products in Pakistan. We select what is best for our consumers and select from the Amazon best sellers and top international brands. Our team is continuously looking for the exclusive products for you so you can also get the best of international products at your doorstep. We are providing a wide range of products including beauty products, skin care, and health care products, quality hair care products, home accessories, cell phone accessories, and much more that you can find in the online store categories. All of the products are original and reliable that is directly from USA to your doorstep for Amazon online shopping in Pakistan.

6- Why Amazon Pakistan?

Amazon is the one of the largest and most trusted website in the world that has collection of products from all over the world. It is the worldwide trustworthy source of online shopping in Pakistan. Amazon has all the accessories for life. It has the products that the consumers in Pakistan dream of buying. This is why we are importing Amazon in Pakistan. Among the thousands of products at Amazon we enable you to buy Amazon Pakistan with easy method. Now you can get the products of your choice.

7- How to Import from Amazon?

It is very simple. Explore the products in our online store and place your order just putting the products in the cart. For the custom order from Amazon in Pakistan send us your desired product detail with your name, complete address, contact details and most importantly the URL of the product. It will help us tracking down your product immediately. According to your chosen product, you will be provided the details of the shipment and currency conversion in PKR. Our reply to your invoice is crucial that there are few things we do not ship to you for instance TV, Heavy machinery, weapons, seeds, cell phone, and batteries because of its weight and extra freight charges. After all the settlement, you ask for the payment method you want, and finally we process your order right away.

8- What is Amazon Delivery Time?

The whole process takes around 3 to 4 weeks. A product is shipped from Amazon to USA, then USA to Pakistan; at our office and then to your doorstep. The process is made simple for you with just an online order to your doorstep and goes through all of these steps to provide you the stuff as soon as possible. If you want to ship any product from USA within 1-2 weeks, we can make it; however, the shipping will be expensive to you. In this way, you have to pay your custom or duty.

9- What about the shipping charges and cost?

We provide the best services with minimum shipping rates, and that is why we are reliable among our customers. Our standard shipping rates are from 10-15 USD per LB that is almost the quarter you would pay for direct shipping from the USA. We offer the cost of five elements in the order and these are actual cost of the product under order, standard shipping cost of the USA, shipping cost in Pakistan on the order, international custom duty and Pakistan's tariffs charges and taxes and lastly, Shoppingbag.pk service charges.

10- What about the pricing of Amazon Products in Pakistan?

We only consider the prices at the time of placing the order. In any case, the prices goes up or down, the company also will not take any hold on it and prices at order time will be finalized. It is because we purchase your order on the same day you place it on our website. Moreover, we use the Forex.pk open market rate of +1 PKR per dollar. So for your convenience you can also convert the currency from reliable resources and tell us about your product.

11- Amazon Prime Products?

Amazon Prime has the products of all ranges, of all types and for all use. It is the largest online shopping setup with the variety of products. Shoppingbag.pk is providing those products in Pakistan that are not otherwise available. Amazon prime products listings are from the top manufactures around the globe and we are importing those premium products in Pakistan for the facility of our consumers.

12- Shoppingbag.pk and Amazon?

Shoppingbag.pk is working to make a pathway to Amazon. Our team is working hard to make the process simple and easy for you so you can have the best products from Amazon in Pakistan. Shoppingbag.pk Pakistan and Amazon collaboration is through the shoppingbag.pk setup in America that is linked exclusively to provide the variety of products in Pakistan so you can enjoy Amazon online shopping in Pakistan. Visiting the online store you will see the products that are entirely Amazon products and imported in Pakistan as per the order of the consumers.

13- Amazon Products return policy?

As there is no direct Amazon shipping policy, Amazon return policy in Pakistan also do not apply on each parcel as such. We are offering a return policy to the consumers if the product is delivered wrong or any fault by the company. Original imported products are straightly delivered to you so if your package is lost or damaged, the company holds the responsibility of that replace the same product free of cost. On the hand, the company does not hold any liability if the product has a manufacturing fault; phones are locked, or the battery is 110v. It is because, these faults are from the company's ends, and Shoppingbag.pk is not liable. We assure you we do not take any hidden cost from you. You will get the best experience of Amazon online shopping in Pakistan.

14- Amazon Products with COD (Cash on Delivery)?

Yes, we have Amazon products with the ease of Cash on Delivery; we solve almost all your shopping related problems.

15- How to order on Amazon?

You do not need to place an order at Amazon; we would do this for you. Rather, you would find that Amazon product at our online store and place your order or you will go the custom order facility; send us the link of the product you want to buy and we will make it possible for you.

16- What is the method of Amazon shipping in Pakistan?

The shipping method is very easy; you have to visit our web site and add your desired product(s) in the cart, add your details and your order is placed. On the contrary, you can also check the product on one of the following sites and send us its URL at sales@shoppingbag.pk

17- Shopping from other than Amazon website

We are offering online shopping from eBay in Pakistan, from Amazon in Pakistan, and from other international websites. It is the great experience for the people who do not know how to ship from abroad. We provide complete information to you, and our transactions are open. You can ask any question about your queries and make us offer you a unique chance of virtual shopping. We recommend that you choose from

  • Amazon.com
  • Newegg.com
  • eBay.com
  • Bhphotovideo.com
  • DX.com

18-How to import items from Dubai to Pakistan?

Shoppingbag.pk has opened a gateway to shop and get products from renowned online shopping websites of the UAE. We provide the easy means to import any goods from Amazon.ae, Doduae.com, Namshi.com, noon.com, and many more. The entire process of shipping products from Dubai to Pakistan takes 3 to 4 weeks. If you want anything from UAE, simply share the product link with us. We will buy it at your request from there and import it to Pakistan for you.

19-Can we import heavy machines from China to Pakistan??

Yes, we can import any heavy machinery, electronic appliances, and equipment from China. We ship those heavy-weight goods via sea, and the shipment takes around 40 days.