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Cervical Traction Device for Pain Relief, Neck and Shoulder Relaxer

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product description:

Have you been experiencing excruciating neck pain that radiates to your arm, causing numbness and tingling sensations in the arm as well? If yes then maybe you are suffering from cervical spondylosis and need a cervical traction device because it results in entrapment of a nerve due to narrowing of spaces between cervical vertebrae. To ease such neck pain, use a neck and shoulder relaxer and traction device. Get your hands on the best neck and shoulder relaxer to rid yourself of the pain that you are suffering from.

• A neck Philadelphia collar helps to relieve the nerve entrapment pain in 10 minutes.

• The cervical neck pain collar is made up of dense and soft foam to offer a lightweight, sturdy and comfortable base.

• A neck and shoulder relaxation device is an effective and easy solution to soothe the stiffness and pain of the neck and shoulder.

• If used regularly cervical traction device helps to reposition cervical curvatures that have been displaced.

• While using a neck and shoulder relaxer keep in mind to not use it in place of an ordinary pillow and do not sleep on it.

• If you are suffering from vertigo it may take a few days to adapt to the cervical traction device due to unfamiliar curvatures of the traction device.

• A neck and shoulder relaxer will help to distract the neck increasing the gap between the cervical vertebrae causing the nerve to relax.

• Use the shoulder and neck stabilizer for 15 minutes each, thrice a day. Using it for longer than 15 minutes can result in exaggeration of the pain.

• Use a cervical traction device after consulting your doctor, because in some cases it can result in the worsening of symptoms.

Now you can do with us online shopping of USA imported neck and shoulder relaxer in Pakistan and get them delivered to your doorstep. Rid your cervical pain and numbness in the arm with a cervical traction device.

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