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Api Freshwater Aquarium Water Test Kit - 800 Test

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product description:

Do you own a fish tank but worried about its proper cleaning and health of your fish? Buy API freshwater master test kit to clean the fish tank and the overall well-being of your fish. Ammonia testing kit will help you clean the aquarium at home with less hassle. Make you’re the environment of your aquarium safe and healthy for the fish by shopping online for water testing kits in Pakistan. API freshwater master testing kit is available at affordable prices in Pakistan which makes it one of the best choices when it comes to water testing kits.

• API ammonia test kit contains 7 bottles of testing solution, 4 glass tubes with cap, a color card, and a holding tub for storage purposes making it one of the best aquarium water test kits in Pakistan.

• With API water testing kit water quality inside the tank can be monitored and makes it easier to prevent the water problems that can cause harm to the fish invisible to the naked eye.

• It is necessary to check the 5 parameters such as PH, ammonia, high range PH, nitrite, and nitrate that affect the health of freshwater fish but you can easily do it with an ammonia testing kit in Pakistan and keep your domestic aquatic creatures safe and sound.

• API water master test kit provides highly accurate and professional results when used.

• Along with other things, a water testing kit in Pakistan also comes with a user manual to help you clean the water tank effectively.

• It is recommended by the professionals to take out few minutes to monitor your aquarium conditions every week.

• Ammonia testing kit is highly recommended for aquaponic systems because it helps to maintain a healthy and safe underwater environment for your fish friends. Don’t worry about the water testing kit’s price in Pakistan because now USA imported aquarium water testing kit is available at affordable rates.

Directions to use

• It is a very easy-to-use aquarium testing kit; follow the below-mentioned steps for accurate water testing at home.

• Take 5ml water to be tested in a test tube and add 5 drops of indicator solution

• Make sure that the dropper is vertical and completely upside down for uniformity of drops.

• Tightly close the test tube with a cap and vigorously shake it to mix the solution.

• Be aware not to put your finger over the open end of the test tube as it can affect the test.

• You can tell the PH reading by matching the color of the solution with those on the color card. Rinse the test tube after use. The ideal PH for keeping the tropical fish is 7.0, goldfish should be kept in their aquarium at 7.5 PH, and the best ph for Amazonian fish is 6.5-6.8.

Interpretation of test results

• The ammonia level in an aquarium should always remain 0 ppm and an indication of ammonia means the overfeeding, excess of the fish population, or fish loss.

• The high nitrate level indicates the fish waste buildup and organic compounds.

• Nitrite should be kept below the undesirable level otherwise high concentration of nitrite prevents the fish from carrying out normal respiration.

Switch to an accurate and convenient aquarium freshwater test kit rather than spending a fortune on calling the team to clean your aquarium now and then by getting your hands on the best ammonia testing kit online in Pakistan imported from Amazon USA. Make regular testing of fresh or tap water your routine with API freshwater master testing kit to make the aquarium environment fresh and healthy for the better health of your fish. Keep in mind that API freshwater testing kit is designed for testing freshwater only.