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asobu Flavor U See Fruit Infuser Detox Water Bottle

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Brand: asobu

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product description:

Prepare your detox water with refreshing fruits in the asobu Flavor U See Fruit Infuser detox Water Bottle. It is an insulated water bottle that you can carry when jogging, running, playing, and even hiking. Its durable construction, slim design, and classy body make it the best water bottle for sportsmen, kids, and travelers. It is available in our collection for stainless steel water bottles, so you can easily buy it via Amazon sports water bottle online shopping in Pakistan.


• Asobu Flavor U See Water Bottle is made with double-layered stainless steel technology.

• It has a transparent compartment for fruit infuser with a metallic body that makes it look classy.

• You can fill the infuser with limes, lemons, cinnamon, mind, or cucumbers to make the refreshing detox water anytime.

• The insulated water bottle can keep the water cold for up to 12 hours.

• The BPA-free construction makes it safe and durable for daily use.

• It has a capacity of 16 oz. i.e., almost 0.5 liters.

• The portable size and durable design allow you to carry it with you to the office, gym, playground, etc.

• It is available here in stunning black color. Shoppingbag.pk facilitates the Pakistani customer with the best service for Amazon online shopping in Pakistan. You can use our platform to buy the USA imported sports water bottle at a reasonable price. Once you place your order here, we will import it from the USA and send it to you at your place.