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Bluetooth RGB Auto Led Headlight Kits With Smartphone App

Product Code: 82534756

Brand: Torofibi

Our Price: 37717.00 PKR

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product description:

Ever felt like those car headlights are getting old and bland? If so then try our latest Torofibi led car headlights It offers two functions: Brighter headlamps along with built-in color-changing LED for accenting. Using your Phone, you can control the color of your headlamps. You can listen to your music with your light show. this led car headlight runs on 12 volts so you never have to worry about your car battery. This is waterproof and it also reflects UV rays which help the led bulb inside the light last for longer. This led to car headlights has millions of color choices and patterns so the car headlights never get old. Finding quality car-led headlights is very hard in Pakistan but you can trust this Pakistani shopping website to buy these lights from amazon and deliver them to your doorstep without any mishaps. These led car lights are great for people to lift their moods. The great thing about these headlights is that they work great in all weather including fog.