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Bangalore Bio-Plasgens Hidrantes Soundarya Cream

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Brand: Bangalore Bio-Plasgens

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product description:

Remove skin issues and brighten your skin complexion with Bangalore Bio-PlasgensSoundarya Cream. The skin lightening cream has a homeopathic formula to combat various skin issues with only natural ingredients. Whether you have hyperpigmentation, sunburn, acne scars, textured skin, or skin irritation, the formula of skin whitening cream will work to improve the overall skin appearance. You can find this as the best fairness cream or best moisturizing cream from our service of Amazon online shopping in Pakistan.


• Bangalore Bio-PlasgensSoundarya cream is formulated with all-natural ingredients, i.e., Berberisaquifolium, Thuja OCC, Mur natrum, and Oleum Santali.

• The skin-lightening ingredients help remove sunburn, hyperpigmentations, uneven skin tone, and redness.

• It is also effective on long-term scars, acne marks, tanned skin, and skin irritation.

• The herbal extracts and homeopathic ingredients in the formula also help treat skin issues, such as psoriasis, warts, etc.

• It makes skin bright, smooth, soft, healthy, and youthful with regular use.

Directions for use:

• Apply on dry skin in a circular motion one to two times a day and let it create its magic.

For the best result, use it at night before sleep. Shoppingbag.pk brings the USA imported Bangalore Bio-PlasgensSoundarya cream in the collection for Amazon fairness creams online shopping in Pakistan. To shop it, you only require placing your order here. We will import it at your request and deliver it to you at your place within our provided delivery time.