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GEN 3 Carbon Fiber Nylon 3D Printing Filament 1.75mm, 500G

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Brand: 3DX

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product description:

Build the durable quality 3D printed object with the use of CARBONX Carbon Fiber 3D printing Filament. It is made with nylon PA6 polymer that has phenomenal durability, resistance, and stability. The extra added fiber enhances its rigidity and strength to another extend. Thus, it can ensure the quality of 3D printed objects made with this 3D printing Filament. We bring a 500 Gram spool of the strongest 3D printing filament here to let you buy it for a 3D printing project. You can purchase it with an amazing facility of Amazon 3D printing filaments online shopping in Pakistan. 
The Carbon Fiber Nylon filament has high tensile strength, high dimensional stability, low warping, and chemical resistance. 
Its Continuous Use Temp (CUT) is 80-120°C, which shows its long-lasting usage and durability. 
It also provides improved layers bonding at high temp for stable 3D printing. 
You can use this 1.75mm diameter filament with a hardened steel nozzle of a size 0.4mm minimum diameter. 
Dry it at 90-degree for at least 4 hours.
Maintain the layer height at 0.25mm or greater to ensure stability. 
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