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Crazy Aaron's putty Super Scarab putty Mini Tin

Product Code: 18296634

Brand: Crazy Aaron's

Our Price: 2985.00 PKR

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product description:

Create the beautiful scarab beetle or amulets as an Egyptian Art piece with Crazy Aaron’s Super Scarab Mini Tin. The gorgeous combination of colors, magical tones, and smooth texture make it the best Aaron’s Super Scarab putty for making Egyptian masterpieces. Kids also like it to stretch and twist it for great pleasure and therapeutic satisfaction. We provide the USA imported Scarab putty toy at the best price through Amazon Aaron’s Super Scarab putty online shopping in Pakistan. This stiffy putty will seem and feel better than any slime toy for kids.


• This ancient Egyptian scarab putty slime features a beautiful color shifting under a light.

• It shows a brilliant blend of bright magenta, shiny copper, soft pink, and vibrant red.

• It signifies the restoration of life, so it is considered to hold magical power.

• The soothing color tones and texture will provide a therapeutic experience.

• It is super satisfying to play with this slimy and stiff putty.

Recommended age:

• It is suitable for kids age 3 and above.


• Kids can use it for making confetti, amulets, talismans, jewelry, etc.

• It is great for stamping or imprinting Egyptian scarabs as an art piece.

• The squeezing, rolling, smoothing, and stretching will provide a soothing feel and satisfaction.

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