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CRC Brakleen Non Flammable Brake Parts Cleaner - Pack of 1

Size: 1 lb 3 Oz

Product Code: 53783292

Brand: CRC

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product description:

Clean the automobile brake parts with an effective CRC Brakleen Brake Cleaner and improve the efficiency of the brakes. CRC Brakleen is the brake parts cleaner formulated to remove all stubborn grease, dust, and brake fluid from the auto parts to let them function smoothly. Our service for Amazon brake cleaner online shopping in Pakistan enables you to buy the imported quality brake kit cleaner at the best price. Experts highly recommend cleaning of automobile brake kit occasionally to make it work efficiently. Therefore, you should spend on brake kit cleaner to ensure smooth working of auto brake parts.


  • CRC Brakleen has the potent grease-lifting formula, designed to lift off the accumulated grease, oil, contaminants, brake fluids, brake dust, etc. from all brake parts. 
  • The non-flammable yet robust formula works effectively on the entire brake system to retrieve the smooth brake function. 
  • It is suitable to use on any brakes, such as springs brakes and wedge brakes. 
  • You can use it on all brake parts, including brake pads, brake lining, brake disc, brake drums, brake shoes, caliper, clutch disc, brake cylinder, etc.
  • Simply spray it over the deposited contamination from 18 to 24 inches distance, let it air dry, and then wipe it off with any cloth.

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