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Echo Dot Smart speaker with clock and Alexa (4th Gen)

Product Code: 17202482

Brand: Amazon

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product description:

Round out your home with the All-new Echo Dot Smart Speaker. This compact, round, and sleek smart speaker is equipped with Alexa to make your life easier with Alexa assistance. It becomes famous for its elegant design and intelligent features to control your smart home over your voice. Thus, you should add this Amazon Echo speaker to your home to bring ease to your daily life. We are offering the 100% original Echo Dot 4th generation Alexa Speaker at the best price.


• Echo Dot Speaker is round in shape, compact in size, and glacier white in color.

• It is fortified with a smart clock, Alexa, Alarm, and smart control feature.

• The Alexa technology enables you to ask Alexa anything or command her to find anything from the internet.

• The LED display shows the time in digital format so you can see the time even in dark.

• It is designed with various layers of privacy protection to protect the privacy of the user.

• For privacy surety, you can turn off the microphone with just one click on the mic button.


• You can control your smart home appliance with this Alexa speaker. For instance, turn on or off lights, lock the door, play music, check the weather, adjust the thermostat, turn on AC, etc.

• The echo device can detect the glass breaking or smoke alarm and notify you through Alexa app while you are not at home.

• You can call someone hands-freely with the help of the Alexa Echo device.

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