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EKG Pocket Card ECG Rhythm Interpretation Badge Cards.

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product description:

Learn and interpret the ECG heart rhythm with the reference of EKG Cards. It is the ECG cheat sheet cards that cover all common rhythms shown on the ECG report. Whether you are a medical student or a nursing student, it will help you understand the heart rhythm. This pack contains 3 EKG cards that give the reference guide whenever you require. Students can practice detecting arrhythmia by using these reference cards. We provide you access to Amazon online shopping in Pakistan to buy accurate EKG cards from the USA. The EKG interpretation cards are featuring the follows:

• This pack contains double-sides 3 ECG cheat sheet cards that show all common types and situations of arrhythmia.

• You can learn and interpret 12 types of arrhythmia with these cards.

• You can hang these cards down with your hospital badge to access them anytime when you need them.

• It guides you to interpret the complicated rhythm without any uncertainty.

• It would be the perfect present for nursing students, medical students, and health officials.

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