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Professional Electric Sheep Shear Machine for Farm Livestock

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Product weight: 8.00 Pounds

Our Price: 55000.00 PKR

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product description:

The Sheep Electric Shearing Clippers are the perfect tool for Pakistan's shearing needs. These Shearing Clippers can be used for pets, livestock, or any other furry animal via amazon's sheep hair-cutting machine price in Pakistan. These electrical clippers are made from high-quality materials and designed with precision to ensure a clean and smooth shearing experience every time.


Product Parameters: 


Weight: 3.2KG 

Voltage: 110-240v 

Power: 850w 

Load: 2800r/min 

Blade width: 76mm 

Upper teeth: 4 teeth

Lower teeth 13 teeth; 

single set weight: 3.2KG 

Single package size: 30X40X10cm


This animal hair clipper is ideal for use in Pakistan, where livestock raising is a significant part of the economy. With its powerful motor, this clipper can effortlessly shear through thick wool and hair, making it the perfect tool for farmers and breeders. The ergonomic design of the clippers ensures that they are easy to handle and operate, making sheep shearing much easier and less time-consuming.


The sheep shearing Clippers come with various accessories, including a cleaning brush, an oil bottle, and a durable carrying case. This makes storing and transporting the clippers from one location to another easy. The product is available for Amazon online shopping in Pakistan, with fast and reliable delivery services.


In conclusion, shoppingbag.pk let you buy the Electric Shearing Clippers at a reasonable price with surety of original and branded products. This sheep hair-cutting machine is an excellent investment for anyone looking for an excellent shearing tool that can handle even the thickest skins. Its powerful motor, ergonomic design, and range of accessories make it a must-have for all livestock farmers and breeders in Pakistan.