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External Cathetr Urinary Incontinence Kit Bladder Control Device

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Brand: External Cathetr

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product description:

A urinary incontinence kit for men or a condom catheter is the external urinary catheter that can be worn by the wearer himself. Spirit urinary incontinence kit is worn like a condom and it collects the urine from the bladder into the collecting bag attached to your leg. The great thing about spirit external urinary catheter is that it is less invasive than internal catheters because the chances of infections become less. It has always been difficult to find a high-quality spirit urinary incontinence kit in Pakistan but now you can do online shopping of the USA imported condom catheter and get it delivered to your doorstep.

• The best device to use for urinary incontinence for males is a condom catheter because it is easy to use and has low maintenance

• Spirit urinary incontinence kit comes with 7 self-closing condom catheters, hydrocolloid, self-sealing system, leg bag kit with a tube, and adjustable fabric leg straps.

• Available in small 9mm, medium 1142mm, and large 14mm sizes.

• The external urinary incontinence catheter kit is perfect for men who have trouble controlling when urine is released but their bladders can drain easily drain the bladder.

• It is very easy to use all you have to do is wash the part of the body and shave the hair around the area, gently roll the catheter open, connect the tube to it making sure it's not twisted, and fasten the straps around the leg to secure the urine bag.

• As far as hygiene is concerned, change the spirit urinary incontinence catheter every day to avoid the chances of developing infections.

It is suitable for individuals undergoing surgery, prostate surgery, truck drivers, involved in sporting events, and traveling. Buy the best spirit urinary incontinence kit online in Pakistan imported from Amazon USA and get it delivered to your doorstep before it becomes out of stock.