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Eyeshadow Palette with Pigmented 86 Colors & 15Pcs Brushes Makeup Set

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product description:

UCANBE Eye shadow Palette is a large and all in one 86 shades eye shadow palette that includes neutral to bright colors.  
It provides captivating eye look either you wear it to create the daily look or functional one like wedding, anniversary, Halloween, Christmas, birthday party and etc.
All the colours offer highly pigment shades for all skin tones and are easily bendable. You won’t see them falling and melting even in summers because these shades are waterproof and sweat proof. 
UCANBE Eye shadow Palette comes with the 15 pieces of different eye shadow brushes. These brushes are of high quality and best tools for applying eye shadow, eyeliner, and highlighter.  The brushes in this eye shadow palette are made of synthetic bristles and are cruelty-free. 
This multi functional eye shadow palette comes with 86 different colors that include matt, shimmery and glitter shades. All the ingredients used for the making of eye shadows are of high quality, safe and suitable for all skin shades. No harmful ingredients and animals fat is included. 
Moreover, the UCANBE Eye shadow Palette can be the ideal gifts for friends who are going to bride. It is also the versatile and affordable make up kit also for beginners and professional makeup artists.
The UCANBE Eye shadow Palette is made of high quality plastic material and includes a magnetic closure.