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FiiO A1 Silver Portable Headphone Amp

Product Code: 19881836

Brand: FiiO

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product description:

Enhance the audio quality of any portable audio source with a FiiO A1 portable headphone amp. It is an audio pump or music pump device that improves the sound quality with its Wide Frequency Response, Inclusive Earphone Impedance, and effectual noise control feature. Its high specifications and compatibilities make it the best headphone amplifier, which can buy through Amazon online shopping in Pakistan.


• FiiO A1 has four EQ modes that feature one flat and three-bass enhanced EQ profiles.

• There is a multi-function light to show the current EQ mode.

• You can switch the EQ profile by pressing the buttons on the audio amplifier.

• It is able to control the sound quality and volume of the audio.

• It has sandblasted aluminum alloy chassis construction that looks delicate and exquisite.

• Its dimension, i.e., 1.65" x 1.57" x 0.37, makes its portable and easy-to-fit in pocket.

• It is powered by a 160mAh battery that has approx. 13 hours of battery life.


• It is compatible with various audio sources, such as MP3 player, Laptop, Smartphone, iPod CD player, Netbook, or personal media player.

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