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Genexa Flu Fix Organic Homeopathic Flu Medicine - 60 Tablets

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Brand: Genexa

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product description:

Do you suffer from flu every other day; does it cause hindrance in your work and overall well being? If you are looking for an organic solution then we bring you genexa flu fix chewable tablets online in Pakistan imported from Amazon USA. Flu and cold can be very irritating at times because it is always accompanied by body and muscle ache, frequent sneezing fever, chills, fatigue, chest congestion, sore throat, and nose block. Along with a common cold weakness prevails that causes a person to become lethargic and lazy, Fix your flu fast and recover from it quickly with genexa flu fix tablets.

• Enriched with the organic blend of homeopathic ingredients including acai berry organic genexa flu fix chewable tablets help to relieve the symptoms of flu as soon as you take them

• It has been clinically proven that flu symptoms are more responsive to herbal and homeopathic ingredients.

• Each of the medicinal herbs has been carefully processed to extract its properties and blended to form a potent organic medicine.

• Flu fix tablets taste good so you don’t have to take them with water rather chewing them will relieve the symptoms quicker.

• Flu fix chewable supplements contain no sedatives and are non-drowsy which won't make you sleepy during work.

• As these are organic herbal chewable tablets so they won't cause any adverse effects and won't have any drug interactions with any other medicine that you may be taking Organic genexa flu fix chewable tablets are gluten free, NON-GMO, and approved by FDA.

Now you can do us online shopping of genexa flu fix chewable supplements online in Pakistan imported from Amazon USA and get them delivered to your doorstep for quick recovery from flu and the common cold.