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Technology Alternatives Ghost Meter Pro EMF Sensor

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Brand: Alternative Tech International

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product description:

Finding and Hunting the ghosts become easy with Technology Alternative Ghost Meter Pro. It is an EMF sensor, which is the basic tool for ghost hunters to detect ghouls at any place. Ghost or any paranormal creature emits a strong electromagnetic energy, so it would be the best parameter to sense these energies. It senses the electromagnetic fields and locates the place where it is found strongest. We bring the most efficient ghost meter radar stimulators from Amazon USA to Pakistan to let you improve your ghost hunting activities.


• The EMF Sensor for ghost hunting is designed to detect the low frequency and radiofrequency field for quick and accurate ghost detection.

• It has active and passive filters to distinguish the cellphone radiations from intermittent radiations associated with the paranormal creature.

• It is an easy to operate, economical, and reliable tool for ghost hunters.

• It is also used to get some answers from ghosts during the ghost hunting procedure.

• When you ask anything in yes or no format, the EMF meter needle will move once for yes and twice for no.

Dialogue Modes:

 It alsocontains fours ghost dialogue modes, i.e.,

• Recent Ghosts appear every 3 to 5 minutes.

• Ancient Ghosts appear every 7 to 15 minutes.

• EMF Gauss Meter mode

• Dialog Mode You need to select the mode as per the requirement of your ghost hunting procedure. Shoppingbag.pk enables you to get the highly efficient and imported quality EMF meter through the facility of Amazon ghost meter pro online shopping in Pakistan.