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Hamdard Jigreena Liver Health 60 Capsules

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Brand: Hamdard

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product description:

Support liver functions and improve liver health with HamdardJigreena capsules. It is an herbal supplement for optimal liver health. It contains all essential salts and active ingredients that help provide ultimate protection to the liver from harmful toxins. Whether your liver gets affected by acute hepatitis or alcoholic liver disease, this herbal medicine will improve the liver condition. You can find the 100% original HamdardJigreena capsules from our place for Amazon online shopping in Pakistan. The safe and effective ingredients make it the best formula to ensure optimum liver health.


• Jigreena is formulated with all-natural and beneficial herbs, such as RevandChini, Arjuna, Biranjasif, Sarphoka, Bhangra, Kalmegh, and Naushadar.

• It supports the liver in detoxification of toxins from alcohol, food, drugs, etc.

• It is also beneficial to improve digestion and appetite.

• You can also take it as an adjuvant supplement with hepatotoxic drugs because it has an optimum anti-hepatotoxic feature.

• It is great to use for controlling alcoholic liver disease, Hepatitis, poor appetite, and indigestion issues.

Recommended Dose:

• Take one Jigreena Capsule two times a day with water to improve liver health.

Side effect:

• It is not recommended for children, pregnant women, and people with severe underlying conditions because it can worsen their health.

Always consult a doctor before taking any liver support supplement or medicine.

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