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Stickerless Speed Cube, 3x3x3 Ultra-smooth Cube in New, Challenging Colors, Unconditional 60-Day on Our Xino Fire Cube

Product Code: 6246747

Product weight : 0.20 Pounds

Our Price: 3893 PKR

product description:

Our mission is to provide talented enthusiasts the HOTTEST Speed Cube on the MARKET!!!

You already know what we do:
~Speed, speed and once again speed
~Red + orange + yellow + white + brown + black = Just Fired-up Fun!

Our differentiating factors:
~1st cube on the market that offers "fire"-themed colors
~Special promotional product offered by Xino Sports
~Unconditional, 60-day money back guarantee

~Smooth turning; light-weight
~Extremely fast; great cornering
~No more pealing stickers
~Unique design causes pieces to seldom pop out
~43,252,003,274,489,856,000 ways to orient the cube incorrectly and only ONE correct solution
~May take longer to solve (at first) due to the non-traditional color configurations, BUT ARE YOU UP FOR A CHALLENGE???

Our challenges for you:
1. Solve the cube in under 2 minutes and post a video of it in the comments
2. High-five someone with the exact same Xino Fire Cube as yours!
3. Figure out how to make the CHECKERED PATTERN as shown in the picture above; then share an image of it in the comments!

Order with confidence due to our "No Questions Asked 60-day Money Back Guarantee"!

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at Support@XinoSports.com or call Toll Free 1-844-668-5572

Scroll up, click "Add to Cart" and await your brand new Xino Fire Cube!⇀⇀⇀⇧

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