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Jawrsize Muscle Exerciser JawLine ball for face toning

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Brand: jawzrsize

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product description:

Give an effective workout to your jaws with the Tsang Jaw Exercise ball. The patent technology of Jaw exerciser is designed to support facial exercises and Jawzrsize exercises for the fastest jaw exerciser result. It is a hollow silicone ball-type jaw exercise tool to tighten and tone the facial muscles. It directly targets the fats on the face to carve the underneath bones of the face, such as cheekbone, chin shape, jawline, etc. We provide the original and imported quality jaw exercise balls at a reasonable price with the best experience of jawline exerciser online shopping in Pakistan.


• A jaw Exercise ball is made with durable silicone material that can mold to the teeth shape to provide comfortable support during facial exercises.

• Facial exercising while biting it in the mouth promotes jaws and facial muscle strength.

• Religious use of facial fitness balls 10 minutes a day can give the clear result of a slim face and neck.

• It comes in three color balls with different resistance levels, i.e., blue with 1 to 40-pound resistance, purple with 2 to 50-pound resistance, and black with 3 to 60-pound resistance.

• It is suitable to use in the gym, at home, or work.

• This facial toner ball can chisel the chin, define cheekbone, tighten the jawline and slim the neck.

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