https://www.shoppingbag.pk/images/uploads/232021071212_p.png Katana Oriental Sword by BladesUSA - 41.5"

Katana Oriental Sword by BladesUSA - 41.5"

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Brand: BladesUSA

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product description:

Whether you want an Oriental Sword for martial arts or decoration, Katana oriental sword would be the best one available from Amazon Sword online shopping in Pakistan. In this era, every second person has developed the craze for swords and weapons. Thus, they will definitely love to add this BladesUSA Karana oriental sword to their collectible Chinese swords. The detailing, royalty, and quality make it the most elegant swords to boost your interest.


• The BladesUSA Katana Oriental Sword is 14.5 inches long.

• It has a stainless-steel blade that has beautiful carving with samurai inscriptions.

• The matte black sword scabbard makes it look more royal and elegant.

• There is a hand-carved samurai bushido code on the sword cover that shows the perseverance of bravery, faithfulness, and standards.

• It comes with a display stand, so you can decorate it in the drawing-room, living room, or study room to show your interest in swords.

Uses of Oriental swords:

• It does not have sharp blades so you can use it for cosplay.

• It is the most graceful piece of decoration.

• It can also be used in practicing martial arts.

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