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Khadi Global Red Onion Hair Growth Oil 200ml

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product description:

Control hair loss and promote healthy hair growth by using Khadi Global Red Onion Hair oil. Red onion is enriched with sulfur-rich keratin that encourages growing thick and strong hair. Thus, this anti hair loss oil by Khadi Global will be the perfect choice for getting long, luscious, healthy, and strong hair. You only need to add this hair growth oil to your hair care routine and get the best hair loss treatment at home. We offer the 100% Khadi Global Red Onion Hair Oil at the best price with the facility of Amazon hair growth oil online shopping in Pakistan.


• Khadi Global Red Onion Hair Oil contains 100% organic red onion oil with pure Argan oil, Jojoba oil, Rosemary oil, Black Seed Oil, vitamin E, Amla, etc.

• These sulfur-rich ingredients promote collagen production on the scalp to induce healthy skin cells & hair growth.

• Regular scalp massage with red onion hair growth oil will minimize hair breakage, hair thinning, and hair loss due to dandruff and scalp problems.

• It also promotes fast hair growth and healthy hair density.

• It can provide the best hair nourishment to make hair long, shiny, sleek, luscious, strong, and voluminous.

How to use:

• Take anti hair loss oil on your finger, gently massage it on the scalp, and leave it overnight.

• Wash it with a gentle shampoo or herbal shampoo to keep the hair luscious and shiny.

• Use it daily for two to three weeks for the best hair growth result.

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