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Best Khalil mamoon hookah Shisha Balck Edition - 33 inches

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Brand: Khalil Mamoon

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product description:

Owning the hookah or Shisha pipes is far better than going to the Shisha cafes because not only are they better when it comes to hygiene but also it’s a one-time investment and you won't have to pay to smoke sheesha. There is good news for people who love smoothing hookah and are looking for good quality, imported hookah Shisha online in Pakistan because now you can do online shopping of the best Khalil mamoon hookah Shisha online in Pakistan imported from Amazon USA. All the hookah lovers are aware that there is no better brand when you go looking for hookah in the market than Khalil mamoom hookahs.

• Unlike the Chinese pipes, these are not machine made they have wider gauge ports and a down stem for an easier smoke pull.

• Khalil mamoon Shisha pipes are made up of the best material that makes the hookah solid and break-resistant.

• Each one of Khalil mamoon’s hookah varies from each other because every one of them is esthetically unique and allows you to enjoy it even better.

• Black edition Khalil mamoon’s hookah stands 33 inches tall and is one of the best ones in their collection. Khalil mamoon’s black edition smoking pipe is imported from Egypt and is one of its kind.

• Black edition hookah is a single hosed hookah pipe with an ultra-sturdy hookah pipe.

• Experience satisfaction like never before with KM black edition hookah because it will let you smoke with ease and in style.

• Authentic KM hookah comes with a metal tray clay bowl, tongs, and grommets.

• The KM black edition hookah weighs around 9.00 lb and is super strong and stylish.

Experience the luxury of smoking a pipe with KM black edition hookah and step inside the world of royal hookah and shisha smoking. Get your hands on the royal black edition KM hookah online in Pakistan and get it delivered to your doorstep.