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DaengGiMeoRi Medicinal Herb Hair Color Cream

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Brand: Daeng Gi Meo Ri

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product description:

Revive your natural black hair color with Medicinal Herb Hair Color. DaengGiMeoRi is a famous Korean brand that formulates herbal hair coloring products from decocted medicinal herb extracts. It does not only cover the grey hair but also improves scalp and hair health. The no ammonia formula of hair dye minimizes the hair damages and scalp irritation caused by nasty chemicals. If you have a sensitive scalp skin type, choose the original DaengGiMeoRi Medicinal Herb Hair Color from the USA. Our platform for Amazon herbal hair color online shopping in Pakistan enables you to buy this hair nourishing hair dye at a reasonable price.


• Medicinal Herb Hair Color contains the medicinal herb extracts of CnidiumOfficinate, Mugwort, and Ginseng.

• It dyes the grey hair and turns it into healthy black hair.

• The organic hair coloring formula also contains a natural moisturizing compound to nourish and moisturize each hair strand.

• The herbal ingredients provide healthy nutrients to the scalp and hair to promote strong hair and fast hair growth.

• No ammonia and No PPD formula ensures to reduce scalp itching and irritation.

• The keratin in the formula also helps protect the hair damages from hair coloring products.

Directions for use:

• Make the hair color paste with less water and apply it to grey hair. Give it only 15 minutes, and then wash it off to see the perfect hair color result.

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