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Organic Papaya Fruit Papaya Extract Papain Powder - 227 Gram

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Brand: Micro Ingredients

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product description:

Suffering from digestive problems and tired of taking the allopathic medicines for that? Well from now on quit worrying about your stomach because we bring you micro-ingredients papaya fruit powder online in Pakistan imported from Amazon. Papaya fruit is one of the most beneficial fruits due to its plenty of health benefits. Papaya organic powder is not only delicious but also loaded with several nutrients like enzyme papain that helps to breakdown the tough protein chains because of which it is used as a meat tenderizer. Papaya is also an effective remedy for those who have digestive issues and suffer from irritable bowel disease and bloating. Antioxidants such as carotenoids help to neutralize free radicals and help to reduce oxidative stress in individuals suffering who have pre-diabetes, mild hypothyroidism, and liver diseases. Along with papaya’s many other benefits it is also considered to possess anti-cancer properties because of its ability to fight free radicals. It has been proven scientifically that fruits rich in antioxidants help to fight inflammatory diseases and act as an anti-inflammatory agent. The nutrients found in papaya help to make your skin youthful and toned. The vitamin C and lycopene found in papaya help to protect your skin against signs of aging. Micro ingredients organic papaya powder is used worldwide because of its benefits and reputation.

• Use the organic papaya powder as an alternative to fiber to bid farewell to all your digestive problems, constipation and promotes digestion and absorption.

• Organic digestion papaya powder is free of additives, preservatives, and artificial flavors, gluten, and is completely natural.

• Organic papaya powder can be taken daily before the meals or in between them and observe the improvement in the digestion and absorption of food.

If you are a papaya lover then get your hands on the USA imported organic papaya powder online in Pakistan so it can be digested and absorbed quickly and be gentle on the stomach.