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Natural Hair Removal Strip Free Hot Wax Kit - 120g

For face, brow and bikni

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Brand: Parissa

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product description:

If you are looking for hard wax for Brazilian waxing, Parissa Salon Strip-Free Hot Wax can be your ultimate pick for easy hair removal. It is a professional hot waxing kit dedicated to remove coarse and short hair from delicate body parts. This hair removal waxing kit claims to give silky, hair-free, and smooth skin with no pain. Therefore, many women consider using hot wax for bikini areas, face, underarms, or other delicate areas. We feature here the USA imported Parissa Salon hard wax with the facility of Amazon hot wax online shopping in Pakistan. So, it is easy to get the original one from Amazon in Pakistan.

  • It is formulated with all organic ingredients, i.e., Chamomile extract, beeswax, tree resin, and canola oil.
  • As all ingredients are natural and skin-friendly, they will not cause allergy or skin irritation.
  • It does not require wax strips or fabric strips to pull the wax off. You can use your fingers to peel it from the skin.
  • It is perfect for coarse hair on underarms, bikini lines, facial areas, etc.
  • If you want to use it on arms or legs, make sure that your hair is at least ½ a centimeter long.
Directions of Use:
  • Heat the wax using any wax warmer or heater, apply the melted wax on the targeted skin, let it cool down, and then zip the cool wax off in the opposite direction of hair growth.

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