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NeuroSky MindWave Mobile 2 Brainwave Starter Kit

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Brand: NeuroSky

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product description:

Strengthen your concentration by training the meditation with NeuroskyMindWave Mobile wireless headset. This brainwave starter kit is designed to find your brain’s responses during meditation. It helps monitor the level of attention, focus, and mind control through effective brain training games. You can get this brainwave scanner and brain wave monitoring device through the facility of Amazon brainwave starter kit online shopping in Pakistan. Specifications:

• The NeuroSkyMindWave Mobile 2 EEG headset is made with advanced brainwave technology to develop and strengthen the power of meditation.

• It can detect raw brainwaves of a wide EEG power spectrum, includes alpha, beta, etc.

• You can access over 100 brain training games and apps through NeuroSky online store to improve your meditation training.

• You can also write and develop your own application by using its free Development Tools available at NeuroSky online Store.

• The adjustable headset can fit perfectly on almost all head sizes.

• It is also featuring a bendable rubber sensor arm, T-shape headband, wider ear, rounded forehead sensor tip, and wider ear clip.

• These features make it comfortable to wear for relaxing and soothing meditation.


• It has a dual-mode module, so it is compatible to connect with iOS, PC, Android, or Mac through Bluetooth or BLE wireless technology.

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