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NicoDerm CQ STEP 1 21 mg Nicotine Patches

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Brand: NicoDerm CQ

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product description:

Ease the withdrawal symptoms of nicotine with NicoDerm CQ Step 1 21mg Nicotine Patches. Quitting smoking is a challenging task because reduced nicotine intake will enhance craving for it. However, this smoking cessation product helps your body reduce nicotine dependence. It is the first step of the NicoDerm CQ program, in which the body gets the required level of nicotine through nicotine patches instead of cigarettes. The body gradually starts used to it and reduces the craving for cigarettes. We bring the 100% original NicoDerm CQ nicotine patches to your place for Amazon online shopping in Pakistan.


• NicoDerm CQ Step 1 nicotine patches provide the proper nicotine transdermal system for reducing the withdrawal effects after quitting cigarettes.

• It is designed with small control technology to deliver a specific amount of nicotine through the skin into the bloodstream.

• One pack delivers a 21mg dose to keep the cravings in control.

• Step 1 is supposed to use for three weeks to ensure safe and controlled nicotine withdrawal.

• It is recommended for people who smoke more than ten cigarettes in a day.

How to use:

• Apply a nicotine patch on hairless, dry, and clean skin on any body part. It is recommended to use one patch in 24 hours.

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