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NOW Supplements Sodium Ascorbate Powder 8-Ounce

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Brand: NOW Supplements

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product description:

When it comes to improve immunity, a vitamin C supplement would be the best pick for ultimate antioxidant support. NOW foods Sodium Ascorbate Powder is the high potency and water-soluble vitamin C powder supplement that helps promote antioxidant protection. It contains nanoparticle nutrients that are required for optimal health. Thus, doctors highly recommend the original NOW Sodium Ascorbate Powder for immune health support, especially in the pandemic of COVID-19. We provide the USA imported NOW vitamin C powder at the best price through Amazon vitamin C online shopping in Pakistan.


• Now Vitamin C powder ascorbate provides effective antioxidants that help combat free radical damages and oxidative stresses.

• You can also take vitamin C powder for the face and skin, as it is also helpful in boosting collagen production for reviving skin health from within.

• Vitamin C powder organic also provides support to bone health and joint health.

• It supports amino acid metabolism, nutrients utilization, neurotransmitter synthesis, and more.

• It is available here in non-acidic, non-bitter, and buffered form, so it can easily soluble in water for maximum absorption into the body.

Recommended dose:

• It is recommended to take ½ level teaspoon in a day to gain maximum benefits of vitamin C powder supplement.

Side effects:

• Sodium Ascorbate and Vitamin C are possibly safe and effective for everyone. However, an overdose may cause vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, stomach pain, heartburn, and digestive disturbance.

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