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Palestinian Fighter Military Head Neck Desert Arab Scarf Shemagh

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product description:

Protect your head, face, and neck from the damaging environmental effects with the FREE SOLDIER Scarf Military Shemagh Tactical Desert Keffiyeh. It’s a versatile and multi-used scarf for men. This is also known as Military Shemagh or Palestinian Scarf to show solidarity with the Palestinian people. Its white and black checkered pattern shows the Palestinian culture and their struggle for independence.

This Military Shemagh Tactical Desert is also popular among Arab men to manifest the Arab culture. It is made from a lightweight, breathable and anti-wrinkle material that is comfy to wear even in hot weather.

You can also use this tactical desert scarf for fashion purposes because it has fabrics with a Jacquard weave and a decorative tassel that gives a purely desert fashion sense.

Benefits of Military Shemagh Scarf:

  • Protects head, face and neck from sun damage, dust, and sand.
  • Made with woven and breathable material.
  • Ideal to wear in hot summers.
  • It’s a lightweight and skin-friendly Scarf that keeps you cool in deserts, woods and mountains. 
  • Extremely comfortable for you to wear and absorbs sweat easily.
  • Suitable for law enforcement, and outdoor activities like hunting, shooting, hiking, climbing, fishing, riding, etc. 
  • Can also be used as a neck warmer, headwear, or hand towel in daily wear. 

Size and availability:

The Shemagh tactical scarf is large enough and offers you the perfect cover for the head and neck. It comes with a size of approximately 43” x 43”. 
This Palestinian Scarf is available in 6 different classical colors so you can choose as per your preference.

Washing Instructions:

The Military Shemagh Tactical Desert Keffiyeh is not machining washable. You can use hand washing with cold water and light detergent and line dry.