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Patanjali Divya Yograj Guggul 80 Tablets

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Brand: Patanjali

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product description:

Get ayurvedic treatment of arthritis and joint pain with Patanjali Divya Yograj Guggul. It is an herbal medicine to treat various types of arthritis by supporting the bones and joint health. Ayurvedic practitioners highly recommend this formula, as it contains all beneficial herbs and shrubs that can improve bone health naturally. It is an Indian Ayurvedic Medicine for osteoarthritis that you can easily buy through the opportunity of Amazon herbal medicines online shopping in Pakistan.


• Patanjali Divya Yograj Guggul arthritis pain relief pills contain Chitrak Mool, Ajwain, Ajmod, Choti Elaichi, Rasna, Chhoti Pippal, Saindha Namak, Shuddh Guggul, Kala Zeera, etc.

• It can treat various types of arthritis, ranging from Osteoarthritis to Rheumatoid arthritis.

• It also helps promote immunity, vitality, and endurance.

• It also boosts digestion power to ensure a better digestion rate and metabolism rate.

• It discourages the Vata imbalance diseases that distress bones, bone marrow, and joints.

Recommended dosage:

• Ask the physician for a suitable dosage of ayurvedic medicine.

Side effects:

• Overdose of guggul ayurvedic treatment can cause headache, nausea, loose motion, vomiting, diarrhea, disturbed digestion, hiccups, and belching.

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