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Permanent Painless IPL Hair Removal for Women

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Brand: XSOUL

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product description:

Permanently remove unwanted body hair with the professional IPL Hair Removal device. It provides safe laser hair removal at home with its advanced IPL technology. The laser light targets the hair follicle to stop the cycle of hair regrowth. Professionals and experts highly recommend using IPL hair removal for women instead of the painful hair removal technique. Here we enlist the USA imported IPL hair removal machine to let you get this treatment at home on your own to solve your body hair problem. If you want to buy it from the USA, simply avail our service for Amazon IPL hair removal online shopping in Pakistan. 
XSOUL permanent hair removal comes with modified specs, i.e., 500,000 flashes for long-lasting services. 
It has five adjustable energy levels that you can set according to your skin tolerance. 
The humanized handle design allows you to hold and control it with comfort. 
It works on two modes, i.e., auto mode and manual mode. 
Auto mode provides continuous flash that suits hair removal for the face, bikini line, and armpit. 
Manual mode provides flashes selectively on each press that is best for a larger area, such as arms, legs, back, stomach, etc. 
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