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Policosanol Supplement for Cholesterol Support 25mg - 180 Capsules

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product description:

Support healthy cholesterol levels in the liver with We Like Vitamins Policosanol capsules. It becomes the best value Policosanol Supplement for featuring a high-potency and maximum strength formulation. The 25mg of 100% pure policosanol in a day promotes healthy liver, healthy heart, and healthy immune system. If you cannot take policosanol foods for policosanol natural sources, then you should add Policosanol supplements to your daily routine. We offer the best policosanol capsules at the best price from Amazon policosanol online shopping in Pakistan.


• Daily intake of policosanol 20mg to 25 mg promotes the breakdown of bad cholesterol level in the liver

• Studies show that it can reduce and control high blood pressure to support good heart health.

• It may also help to maintain the functioning of the arteries by preventing blood clotting in them.

• It also relieves the leg discomfort caused by poor blood circulation.

Recommended Dose:

• It is recommended to consume one or two capsules a day.

Side effects:

• Side effects of Policosanol are mild and temporary, so it is considered generally safe for everyone.

Large doses of Policosanol capsules can lead to headache, dizziness, poor digestion, skin irritation, sleeplessness, and weight loss. The heart support supplements are available in various forms, such as policosanol tablets, policosanol powder, policosanol pills, and policosanol capsules. You can get the policosanol 25mg in 180 capsules bottle from Shoppingbag.pk. We bring them from Amazon USA and send them to you at your place with the best shopping experience.