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Portable Toilet Seat Cushion with Removable Fastening Straps - White

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Brand: PCP

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product description:

Looking for a comfortable raised toilet seat cushion for the senior citizens of your home to make it easier for the older individuals to use the toilet seat? We have the best-raised toilet seat cushions online in Pakistan imported from Amazon USA. Now you don’t have to go through the backache while sitting on the low toilet seat because now you can do online shopping of the elevated toilet seat cushions in Pakistan.

• PCP brand raised toilet seat riser cushion is lightweight, easy to set, and portable which makes it handy for the older individuals to carry, interchange, and removed as well.

• The elevated toilet seat cushion has 2inch thick foam padding covered with Naugahyde made according to the hospital standards making it an excellent choice for limited mobility users, disabled individuals, a patient recovering from surgeries, and those recuperating from fracture of back and hip

• This is one of the simplest made easy and convenient to use raised toilet cushions with which you can maintain hygiene easily. Wipe it clean with one wipe.

• It is fastened with Velcro straps that make its attachment and removal convenient.

• An elevated toilet seat cushion provides extra comfort when sitting on the commode and minimizes the formation of pressure sores.

• This is best for individuals who are unable to use the standard toilet seats; moreover, it has a front cut-out designed for easy cleaning.

Get your hands on the best USA imported elevated toilet seat cushion online in Pakistan as it fits most of the standard toilets and commodes. Its ability to be portable and hygienic makes this raised toilet seat cover the first choice for older individuals around the world. If you have an old age individual, feeble or weak recovering patient with limited range of motion or strength then there is nothing better than a raised toilet cushion.