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ProMariner ProTournament 360 Elite Series 36 Amp Marine Battery Charger

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Brand: ProMariner

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product description:

Recharge professional-grade marine batteries fast with ProMarinerProTournament 360 Elite Series Marine Battery Charger. The tournament-winning technology of the marine battery charger ensures to deliver enhanced and reliable charging performance. Its multi-stage charging process and high charging output help extend the battery life. Thus, you can rely on this marine battery charger 4-bank to revive the standard marine batteries. Anyone can buy the USA imported 36 Amp Marine Battery Charger from our collection of car battery charger online shopping in Pakistan.


• ProMarinerProTourn Elite 360 Elite Series Marine Battery Life features 100% charging output with AC power as minimum as 90 VAC.

• It charges the battery two to three times faster than other ordinary chargers.

• The covered waterproof fan delivers forced induction cooling to ensure cool operation during quick charge time.

• It has a built-in LED display to show the charge mode and real-time charge level.

• It is compatible with Standard Flooded Batteries, AGM batteries, HP AGM 1/2 pure lead batteries, Odyssey Marine batteries, Optima Blue Top Marine Batteries, etc.

• It provides 4 to 8 hours of charging time.

• It uses distributed-on-demand technology that increases the charging amperages and decreases charging time.

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