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PS5 Controller Charger Charging Dock Station with 4 USB-C Adapter

Product Code: 16938526

Brand: OIVO

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product description:

Have you lost your PS 5 controller charger and now you are unable to find the authentic charger? Well now quit worrying because we bring you the best OIVO PS5 charger online in Pakistan imported from Amazon USA. This charger is compatible with PS 5 controllers and is designed to charge two PS 5 controllers at the same time.

• OIVO PS 5 charging dock is efficient because it charges the controllers at a faster pace and keeps you in the game for longer.

• The PS 5 controller charger can charge two controllers at the same time that saves both your time and energy.

• Because of the built-in protective chip of the PS 5 controller, it stops charging by a battery volume of 70%.

• OIVO is very easy to use and set up, contains 4 USB C-type dongles.

• All you have to do is plug 2 dongles into controllers and place PS 5 controller on the charging station.

• The charger begins to charge automatically and 2 extra dongles will extend the service life.

• To make sure that the controllers are charging you will notice that the icons will change from green and red and will revert to green once fully charged.

• PS 5 controller charger is upgraded with ON/off switch and LED straps, the switch is near the USB C port that makes it very convenient to turn off, and LED straps blinks slowly in charging status. OIVO PS 5 controller charger is completely safe and reliable, specially designed to prevent over current, overheat, over-voltage, and short circuits.

The only way to protect your controllers is to never overcharge them. Now you can do online shopping of PS 5 in Pakistan and get it delivered to your doorstep with convenience. The PS 5 controller charger comes with an 80cm/31.5inches USB-C cable, fits various power devices, USB adapter, USB HUB, and wall adapter.