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NatraCure Reusable Gel Corn Pads

12 Count (Pack of 1)

Product Code: 68960818

Brand: NatraCure

Our Price: 5321.00 PKR

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product description:

Reduce irritating pain of corns, calluses, and blisters with NatraCure Gel Corn Pads. We provide high-quality, dermatologists tested, and the best corn cushion through Amazon gel corn pads online shopping in Pakistan. It is specially designed to provide comfort and cushioning to the toe corn by absorbing pressing and reducing friction. The therapeutic oils-infused layer also helps soften the corn and relieve the corn pain. The key vitamins and medical grade minerals in the SmartGel also help nourish the toes or affected corn or blister skin. If you get irritated corns or calluses on your toes, you should get these corn cushions from Amazon in Pakistan. 

  • It is made of stretchable fabric with a flexible gel layer that fits on any toes comfortably. 
  • The slim-fit and stretchable fabric ensures it stays in its place in any type of footwear 
  • The SmartGel contains medical-grade mineral oil and ingredients, i.e., shea butter, vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Vitamin F, etc. 
  • It works for relieving pain from corns, planter warts, pressure sores, calluses, blisters, etc. 
  • It is available here in a value pack of 12 corn pads. 
  • The reusable feature also makes it economical to reduce and relieve toe corns and calluses. 

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