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SBR Nutrition 5000mcg per Serving Biotin Liquid Drops (30ml)

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Brand: SBR Nutrition

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product description:

Support healthy hair, skin, and nails with the SBR Nutrition Biotin Liquid drops. The original and high-potency biotin liquid drop reviews show that it naturally boosts healthy hair growth, strengthens nails, and nourishes the skin. Thus, the biotin liquid is famous as a beauty nutrient. The liquid form of biotin delivers an efficient amount of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to provide the maximum biotin liquid benefits. You can get the 100% original SBR Nutrition Biotin Liquid Drops at a reasonable price from Amazon biotin liquid online shopping in Pakistan:


Biotin for hair growth is a famous term because it primarily works on hair strength. It prevents hair loss to let you have healthy, fuller, and beautiful hair.

• It nourishes, revives, and rejuvenates the skin from inside.

• Liquid biotin drops or biotin pills will also support metabolic function, so you can also use biotin for weight loss.

• A regular dose of liquid biotin will also help in regulating blood sugar levels to promote healthy wellbeing.

• It also plays a role in lowering bad cholesterol levels to prevent heart diseases. Recommended Dose:

• Consume ½ a dropper once a day to support overall bodily function. Just pour the drops into your mouth and swallow them.

Side effects:

• Biotin Liquid is likely to be safe for adult people when taken the recommended dose by mouth.

However, an overdose may cause skin rashes, abdominal discomfort, digestive problems, and kidney problems. Shoppingbag.pk offers SBR Nutrition biotin liquid drops in Natural Vanilla flavor at the best price. If you desire healthy and strong hair, nails, and skin, then buy it now from Amazon biotin liquid online shopping in Pakistan.