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Sensuous Edge delay gel spray for men - 0.24 fl

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Brand: Sensuous

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product description:

Premature ejaculation is one of the most irritating moments ever because just when you think the fun is about to begin it spoils your plans for having the desired night. On market, several products like gels balms, cream, and lotions claim to delay ejaculation but not each one of them is trustworthy. Edge delay gel isn’t like the usual delaying gel; it is potent and stronger than most products. Get your hands on the best and potent edge delay gel for men online in Pakistan, imported from Amazon USA.

• Edge delay gel for men lasts for hours ensuring that when the pleasure is at its peak you won't need to grab the bottle to add more gel so technically it won't spoil the moment for you and your partner.

• Enjoy uninterrupted sex with edge delay gel that is free of lidocaine and won't cause any numbness.

• The edge gel for men is absorbed by the skin easily and has anti-serotonergic properties, to help you control and delay reflex without reaching the maximum feeling of pleasure and also delays the orgasm.

• Once applied it starts working in 30-40 minutes to help you experience sex that you have always desired to.

• Intensify your orgasm with delay edge cream and gain control of your ejaculation like you are the master of pleasure.

• The gel is completely safe to use without any reported harmful effects made up of water-based ingredients and is ph balanced.

• Edge delay gel is non-greasy, odorless, tasteless, and free from harmful chemicals, unlike other delaying products. Solve the problem of premature ejaculation and take your partner to the heaven that she has always desired. Enriched with natural ingredients it is kissable. Last longer in bed with edge delay gel cream by shopping it online in Pakistan before we run out of stock.