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https://www.shoppingbag.pk/images/uploads/21102020064354_p.jpg Silicone face pore cleanser brush, face scrubbing washing brush - Pink

Silicone face pore cleanser brush, face scrubbing washing brush - Pink

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product description:

Face cleansing is an essential skin care practice that can keep the skin healthy and glowing. This silicone face cleansing brush is designed to make cleansing easy and effective. The cute little facial cleanser tool helps in deeply cleansing the pores without irritating the sensitive skin. It is featuring the following aspects:

·         It has 3 in 1 functions, i.e., deep cleansing, exfoliation, and skin massaging.

·         The cute octopus shape has an ergonomic designthat makes it easy to use.

·         The high quality silicone brush has soft bumps that gently exfoliate the skin.

·         You can use any face wash or facial cleanser on this silicone brush.

·         The user can remove the makeup by just exfoliating the skin with the high quality silicone facial cleansing brush.

·         The portable size makes it suitable for traveling and daily use.

·         It has built-in foaming cotton that helps in creating the fluffy foam for easy facial cleansing.

The imported quality silicone facial cleansing brush is available here in four colors, i.e., pink, green, red rose, and purple. Add your favorite color in your cart and buy it now through Amazon online shopping in Pakistan. We will send the high quality silicone pore cleanser to you at your doorstep with cash on delivery facility.