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Analog Singing Bird Wall Clock - Size: 13

Product Code: 81996355

Brand: Mark Feldstein & Associates

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product description:

Are you a bird enthusiast looking to decorate you room? Then this singing bird wall clock is for you. This talking clock features a different American bird singing. At the top of each hour you're greeted with the beautiful sound of birds chirping to their happiest tunes. It makes a wonderful gift for any nature lover. There are light sensors so the clock automatically turns off when no light is on, so you never have to be worried about noises at night. This singing bird clock has 3 different sizes available, the 8 inch, the 13 inch and the 13 by 13. There are different birds for different hours which are listed below:

             12:00 = Summer Tanager,

             1:00 = Song Sparrow

             2:00 = Purple Martin

             3:00 = American Goldfinch

             4:00 = Wood Thrush

             5:00 = Common Yellow Throat

             6:00 = Eastern Meadowlark

             7:00 = Carolina Wren

             8:00 = Eastern Bluebird

             9:00 = Red-Winged Blackbird

             10:00 = Yellow Warbler

             11:00 = Hermit Thrush

 This Pakistani websites ships this amazing clock all over Pakistan. They import from amazon and deliver it at your doorstep. Over all this singing clock is great for a nature lover