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Softdisc Menstrual Disc Reusable Silicone Cups - 14 Discs

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Brand: Softcup

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product description:

Prevent leaks during heavy flow days with Softdisc Menstrual Disc. It is the modified version of menstrual cups that collect and hold menstrual blood without causing irritation and dryness. The menstrual disc disposable is a safe and comfortable period product to ensure stain-free and stress-free period days. The wide and shallow disc design makes it fit perfectly in the vagina without causing any discomfort. It is the perfect choice for athlete women, swimmers, and super-active women. You can get the softcup menstrual disc from our collection for Amazon menstrual discs online shopping in Pakistan.


• Softdisc Menstrual disc is made with BPA-free, latex-free, and silicone-free material that is hypoallergenic and safe to use in the vagina.

• It has soft rings, a wide opening, and a shallow cup to hold a maximum fluid of 5 tampons’ capacity.

• It is comfortable to insert in and easy to change and remove.

• The leak-proof, sleep-proof, and swim-proof features make it suitable to use all day.

• It provides 12 hours of freedom during your heavy or light periods.

• It is suitable to wear overnight, during intercourse, during swimming, or even during exercise.

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