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Pop Fidget Toys Pack Stress Relief Toys for Kids Autism Special

Pop Bee Set

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product description:

Pop Fidget toys pack is an ultimate set of pop-it fidget toys, fidget blocks, fidget balls, fidget spinners, and other stress-relieving toys for kids. They bring different fun and interesting activities to reduce stress and anxiety in a fun play. Kids can use them as pop it toys for reducing study pressure or popper fidget toys to play games with friends. They enrich the spare time with excitement and pleasure, so we feature them here for easy Amazon fidget toys online shopping in Pakistan. 

  • Pop Fidget toys pack contains multi-function toys, stress-relieving toys, learning toys, and some puzzle games
  • It also has a silicone pop bee set that provides fun popping fun to kids. 
  • The fidget block and cube create a visually interesting effect that helps soothe nerves. 
  • The color matching activity of the fidget ball makes it super fun to play with it for hours. 
  • They are easy to play with in their spare time to kill boredom. 
  • Their wide applications and versatile activity make it perfect for autistic kids and adults for improving focus. 
Recommended Age: 
  • Perfect for kids age 3 and above
  • The fidget toy activities help develop learning abilities, social skills, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and overall planning ability.  

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