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Just For Men Touch Of Gray Hair Color for Men with Comb Applicator - Medium Brown

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Brand: Just For Men

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product description:

Tired of your gray hair because it makes you look old and boring yet coloring them with ordinary colors makes them lose its shine? Well if you have become insecure about your looks due to the strands of gray hair then worry not because now just for men touch of gray with the color applicator is available online in Pakistan imported from Amazon USA and get them delivered to your doorstep in Pakistan. Touch of gray hair color is easy to use and looks very real as the color blends flawlessly with your natural hair.

1. Just for men touch of gray hair color comes with a comb applicator so that you can easily apply this. All you have to do is fix the comb in front of the bottle and apply the hair color because it won’t spill.

2. Just for men hair color is available in several shades of gray and browns etc. you can select the color that best goes with your hair tone.

3. Just for men hair color is now available in a new look with the benefits and effects of the same old formula.

4. Get the perfect salt and pepper look, unlike ordinary dyes, a touch of gray hair colors blends with some of the gray hair but not all of them to give you natural hair color.Little by a little touch of gray reduces the gray hair with a single application.

5. Moreover, this is a convenient no-mix formula, so you won't have to worry about poor or over the mixing of the color because it has no ammonia or peroxide and it is air-activated and comes with a comb applicator.

Now you can do online shopping of USA imported just for men touch of gray in Pakistan and get them developed to your doorstep. Just for men hair color works only in 5 minutes and will last up to 8 weeks until new hair grows back.