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Vicks VapoCOOL Sore Throat Medicated Cough Drops - Honey Lemon Chill Flavor

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Brand: Vicks

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product description:

Feeling agitated because of your sore throat, does your throat aches and causes pain? Worry to ease the sore throat, buy USA imported Vicks vapo cool severe medicate drops online in Pakistan. Sometimes sore throat can linger on for more days than usual causing a scratchy feeling in the throat, pain while swallowing, sore glands or jaw, and a muffled voice, to combat these symptoms chew on Vicks vapo drops to bring ease to your sore throat. Not only do vapcool medicated tablets help to relieve the symptoms of a sore throat but also help your breath better during flu.

• Enriched with the goodness of honey and lemon Vicks vapor cool medicated drops provide quick relief to the severe sore throat

• Once you start to chew on the vapo drops it starts to act upon within a second making your throat moist and scratch-free.

• Because of the natural antibacterial properties of honey max strength sore throat drops help to relieve inflammation and pain in the throat immediately.

• The goodness of lemon in these Vicks medicated sore throat relief tablets help to break the mucus and result in immediate pain relief.

• The composition of Vicks vapo cool vaporizer tablets also contains 20mg of methanol to act fast and vaporize the sore throat pain.

You can also use these maximum strength Vicks vapo cool tablets to rid yourself of the minor irritation and scratchy feeling that may occur occasionally. To rid yourself of the sore throat now you can do with us online shopping of USA imported Vicks vapo cool sore throat medicated drops in Pakistan and get them delivered to your doorstep. We provide you with several payment options like cash on delivery, bank transfer, and easy paisa, etc; you will never be disappointed with the quality of our USA imported products.