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NOW Supplements Vitamin B-1 Supplement for Nervous System 100 mg

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Brand: NOW Supplements

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product description:

Reinforce the nervous system's health and promote healthy energy production with NOW Foods Vitamin B-1 Supplement. Vitamin B-1 or Thiamin is an essential part of the Vitamin B complex, and it plays an important role in various bodily functions. Thus, nutritionists highly recommend adding Vitamin B1 tablets to empower nerve tissue and promote optimal health. The original NOW Food Vitamin B-1 thiamine supplement is offering here at a reasonable price, so you can easily get it through Amazon vitamin B1 online shopping in Pakistan.


• Vitamin B1 sources include cereal grains, nuts, meats, beans, eggs, etc., so you can get it by adding these vitamin B1 foods.

• It supports a healthy digestive system by regulating carbohydrate metabolism, hydrochloric acid production, and electrolytes flow.

• The major benefit of vitamin B1 thiamin is related to body vitality and energy production because it helps cells convert the food into energy for boosting up liveliness.

• Maintain vitamin B1 level will also promote metabolism rate and related functioning.

• This Vitamin B1 supplement is certified as halal, vegan, kosher, and soy-free.

Recommended Dose:

• It is recommended to take one tablet of vitamin B1 100 mg with any meal a day.

Side Effects:

• Overdose of any vitamin Supplement can lead to some side effects.

So, an overdose of thiamin vitamin B1 supplement can also cause a severe allergic reaction, skin discoloration, itching, hives, restlessness, skin inflammation, sweating, etc. Shoppingbag.pk provides a pack of 100 vitamin B1 tablets for everyday use and dietary support. You only need to place your order here and avail this facility of Amazon vitamin B1 online shopping in Pakistan. We deliver the vitamin supplements at your home door within our given delivery time.