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Endur-acin Wax Matrix Niacin supplement for Optimal Absorption 200 Tablets

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Brand: Endurance Products

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product description:

Maintain a healthy heart and healthy cholesterol level with Wax Matrix Niacin Supplement. Endur-acin has formulated the high potency vitamin B3 supplement to provide flush-free niacin or nicotinic acid to your body. The optimal strength formula of niacin dietary supplement provides the extended niacin benefits for overall healthy wellbeing. It is designed for both men and women to provide nutritional support for all essential bodily functions. We provide the USA imported Endur-acin Wax Matrix Niacin Supplement at the best price through the facility of Amazon online shopping in Pakistan.


• It provides flush-free niacin with Endur-Acin tablets to treat the niacin deficiency in the body.

• The niacin tablets reinforce the healthy heart while maintaining the cholesterol level at its normal range.

• It also aids in keeping the blood lipid profile healthy.

• It promotes brain health by supporting nerve functions.

• Niacin supplement also fortifies DNA replication and repair.

• Niacin Supplement comes in extended-release tablets that melt at stomach temperature to enhance maximum absorption and effectiveness.

• The formula does not contain any allergens, such as milk, egg, wheat, soy, nuts, corn, yeast, etc., so it is hypoallergenic for everyone.

Recommended dose:

• Take one tablet with a meal once a day.

Side effects:

• Overdose of Endur-acin tablets may cause heartburn, nausea, diarrhea, abdominal discomfort, etc.

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