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Citric Acid Powder - Ultra Fine Pure Powdered Crystals - Natural Preservative Food Grade Quality (16 oz)

  • S00BI8FG8J
  • 1.05 Pounds
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Product Description:

    Citric Acid gives citrus fruits their sharp, tangy flavor, which is why its called citric acid. Wholesale Health Connection provides this amazing citric acid powder in a double-bagged resealable container that maintains potency so you can utilize the diverse powers of citric acid in your home. Citric Acid Powder is a natural food preservative and has been used in everything from candies to canning to help food last while preserving both appearance and flavor. Whether you re dusting it on your freshly cut apples to keep them from browning, or adding it to your canning process to preserve the flavor and prevent bacterial growth, Wholesale Health Connections pure food grade quality citric acid is the perfect economical solution to your needs. Cleaning products have long used citric acid to help boost their ability to eliminate even the toughest stains and help conquer odor. In places where water residue can build up, like bathrooms and kitchens, citric acid powder is used to remove the mineral rings, leaving fixtures, faucets, and appliances bright and clean. Add in a little baking soda and you have a powerful cleanser useful in every area of your home. Our citric acid powder also works wonders with home beauty treatments in a surprising amount of ways. When used with shampoo, it can help prevent dandruff and aids in scalp exfoliation. Citric acid powder also helps to open the pores in your skin, making it a great addition to your face wash routine for acne-prone skin. If you love bath bombs, citric acid powder is what makes them fix, dissolve, and disperse throughout your bath water. With so many applications, our Wholesale Health Connection food grade quality citric acid powder is a noteworthy addition to your home toolkit. Health Care, Food Preparation, Cleaning, and Body Care; What else in your kit covers so many uses. Order a bag from Wholesale Health Connection today and see what citric acid powder can add to your home.

  • Many Uses: Canning, Cheese Making, Bath Bombs, Sour Salt, Water Softener / Softening, Lemon Ball Candy, Salty Saltwater Taffy, Homebrew, Wine Preservative, Cheesemaking, Lotion Additive
  • Top Natural Cleaner & Descaler: World s best cleaning & descaling solution. Essential to clean and descale your dishwasher, electric boiler, washing machine, diffuser, espresso maker, toilet, tub, pool
  • Buy Bulk Discount Pure Anhydrous: Made in USA. Our fine grain granular powdered crystals are the best sale price you can find online. Now you can purchase from the source and save. Check our reviews
  • Mix with Baking Soda to Create a Liquid Cleanser: Make a washer agent spray, paste, or tablets that are more effective than products from big corporate suppliers and manufacturers without chemicals
  • Use for Skin, Hair Shine, Remove Oil, Laundry, Brewing, Weed Killer, Garden, Dish Soap, Cosmetic, Meat Preservative, Degreaser, Cooking, Pickle, Onion, Residue. Edible, Vegan, Kosher, No Gluten's Advice
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