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Organic Moringa Oleifera Powder Capsules Superfood Supplement, Natural Detox, Energy Booster, Beauty, Mind and Body Health Enhancer - Pure Raw Vegan / Vegetarian Non-GMO 800mg One Month Supply

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Product Description:

    Organic, Pure Jamaican Moringa has an unmatched combination of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that make it the most beneficial plant in the world. Many call it the Tree of Life, because taking this as a nutritional supplement allows you to enjoy a healthy, high quality life like no other organism. Pure Jamaican Moringa contains more than 92 nutrients, vitamins A-Z, 36 anti-inflammatories and 18 amino acids including the 9 essential amino acids.

    Benefits include:
    A Lifestyle of Healthy Nutrition - Anti Aging and Wrinkles - Mind and Mood, Attention and Focus Productivity Boost - Weight Loss Prevention (Appetite Suppressant) - Aphrodisiac - Long Term Survival Superfood - Increases Lactation in Nursing Mothers.

    -15X more Potassium than bananas
    -10X more Vitamin A than carrots
    -17X more Calcium than milk
    -25x more iron than spinach
    -7x more vitamin C than oranges
    -20x more Vitamin E than Tofu
    -8x more Magnesium than Kale
    -4x more fiber than oats
    -50x more vitamin B3 than peanuts
    -50x more vitamin B2 than bananas

    Energy Booster: Pure Jamaican Moringa is packed with nutrients to increase your metabolism. These vitamins, minerals and enzymes keep your body balanced to trigger natural energy production. Athletes love Moringa for the boost in energy.

    Slimming Agent: Moringa is a natural hunger suppressant; it increases and controls your metabolism and nourishes you with its treasure trove of nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants.

    Anti-aging Youth Preserver: Pure Jamaican Moringa contains Zeatin, a member of the plant hormone family known Cytokinins.

  • Moringa Oleifera, the Drumstick Tree, has been called the Miracle Tree and the Tree of Life because of the astounding amount of benefits packed into this plant, more than any other plant that Mother Nature has bestowed upon this earth. These include vast nutritional benefits, including anti-aging properties, energy boosting and mind sharpening abilities. It is also used by some as an aphrodisiac.
  • The Superfood of Superfoods: With over 90 essential nutritional compounds, the World Health Organization (WHO) uses this Superfood Cleansing Green as a low-cost health-enhancing food for third world countries where malnutrition and hunger are widespread. Its high protein content make it a great vegetarian supplement with a for vegetarians as well.
  • Moringa Powder, Organic Natural Healing: Antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, While Moringa has been proven to aid with many ailments, one should not rely on this product to treat any medical condition without consulting with your physician. Areas of benefit include lowering blood pressure and cholesterol and immune system support.
  • These Pure Jamaican Moringa Capsules are Natural Detox Cleanse Pills and Anti-Aging Supplement with Amino Acids.
  • Pure Jamaican Moringa is an Energy, Mood Booster and Appetite Suppressant Powder, which provides Sleep Cycle Improvement, Anxiety and Depression Relief, Mental Clarity, Memory and Focus Enhancer. With so many essential brain nutrients, including vitamin C, vitamin E, omega 3, and caratenoids, one of the many benefits of taking a daily regimen of Moringa is increased clarity and mental focus.'s Advice
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